State-of-the-Art Sustainability

DOXA Wells is creating reliability and sustainability with innovations in hardware, software, and services. This includes real-time data collection using IoT (Internet of Things), satellite technology and re-engineered hardware to keep water flowing in remote locations.

Thousands of rural villages around the world rely on traditional hand pumps for water.

Monitoring wells in rural villages was being done in-person, costing time and money for governments and NGOs whose focus was on increasing water supplies in additional villages. This resulted in most village pumps going months or years without maintenance. When pumps break, villagers have no alternative but to return to dirty water resources.
Knowing what this meant to the health of these communities, we built a better solution.

Doxa's Solution

We could see by 2018 that monitoring hand pumps was only part of the solution.

A new system was required that didn’t need maintenance every four to six months – a system that installed easily, was self-contained and would last in harsh environments – regardless of where it would be installed.

DOXA’s innovations – the DOXA SMARTPump™ system which includes DOXALink™, a satellite monitoring system for multiple solutions, along with a new handle and foot valve assembly –  were all designed with sustainable development goals in mind for the end user as demonstrated in the DOXA Dashboard™. To this end, we provide the Dashboard link, GPS coordinates, and training after drilling for easy identification and maintenance purposes.

Reporting in real time.

Our goal is to repair a monitored well before it breaks. That’s where real-time reports from our DOXALink system have far exceeded our expectations. As each unit reports daily, our analytics can predict needed maintenance, so indigenous work teams can be scheduled for a field visit.

Seeing is believing.

The DOXA Dashboard provides a visual, data-driven report of the time in use and water production for each DOXA SMARTPump.

Donors to water projects can see for themselves that their donations are producing clean, sustainable water.

The Doxa Difference

Our unique combination of innovation, dedication, and integrity makes Doxa Wells the right choice for your water drilling needs. From initial installation to long term sustainability and support, Doxa is there with you as your long term water provider.