Legacy Wells

Leave Your Legacy and Change Their World

Having a functioning well in their village means that hours that girls once spent walking for water can now be used for a quality education. Access to safe drinking water means less sickness, disease, and death…less orphans. Having water also means that communities can grow food, raise livestock and develop income streams. A community of healthier, better educated people can have a lasting impact.

It all starts with a single drop of water…

Legacy Restoration Wells - $6,000

Hundreds of wells that once flowed with an abundance of water and hope are now broken. Before the well, they had no knowledge of the impact of clean water. They did not know what they were missing. Can you imagine the despair of being forced back into that world?

Your $6000 tax-deductible donation will rescue 3 villages and restore a supply of clean water ensuring that living and physical water flow. Each restoration includes the repair, conversion to a smart pump, and monitor!

He brings restoration and allows us to be part of the journey.

New Legacy Well - $6,000

Many villages still lack clean water and require a well. Your tax-deductible donation of $6000 will rescue a village and provide them with access to safe water.

Their new well includes drilling and the DOXA smart pump and monitor. Bringing physical and living water is one of the best ways to develop relationships and have lasting impact.

The DOXA Difference

Having recognized the weaknesses in most commonly installed pump constructions, DOXA has produced replacement parts that are better designed and made of materials that will increase performance and longevity. Additionally, DOXA Wells offers smart pump technology that will transmit data via satellite, in real time, allowing the tracking of the volume of liters drawn and the hours the pump is utilized.

The DOXA team in Malawi supervises the smart monitors, and should a well malfunction, a repair team of bi-vocational, theologian trained pastors can see that physical and living water will always flow abundantly.

Package Features

Included with both Legacy Wells packages:

  • Legacy keepsake box,
  • Certificate with the GPS location of your well(s)A
  • Authentic painting from Malawian artist Sam Banda
  • Detailed instructions on how to access and utilize the monitoring website and app to track the activity at your wells
  • Photos, a special keepsake memento, and a video of your well(s)’ impact – This is great for sharing with others.

Additionally, we invite you to explore the adventure on your “Journey to the Well” with a trip custom designed for you. Discover why Malawi is called the “warm heart of Africa” and see its beauty. It is a life changing experience.

Artist Samuel Banda lives in Lilongwe, Malawi. Sam has no hands and went to art school to learn to paint with his mouth and wrists. Using painting supplies from the hardware store, he paints scenes from every day African life.