Drilled Well

Partner with DOXA Wells to bring our industry-leading water solutions to a village in need.


Every day 771 million people drink dirty water. Dirty water causes disease, death, and lack of opportunity for entire communities. You can make a difference by partnering with DOXA Wells to meet this problem head on.

High Quality Parts

The DOXALink™ Satellite Connected MonitorWe drill wells in Africa bringing life giving water to communities in desperate need. Our high-quality well parts provide the longest lasting solution in the industry. In addition, DOXA’s improved parts produce on average 40% more water for the user with no additional effort.

DOXALink Satellite Monitor

Our DOXALink satellite monitor addresses well upkeep and maintenance by allowing us to monitor our wells 24/7/365. We know how much water they are pumping down to the minute. This allows our teams to be proactive in our maintenance ensuring clean water is flowing long after our initial install.

When it comes to providing life-giving water to a community in Africa, our solution leads the industry in reliability, efficiency, and impact. Partner with DOXA Wells today and rescue a village with modern water solutions. You will be helping change lives today, tomorrow, and forever.

See Your Impact

Watch the following video to see first hand the impact you will have: