Save Lives with Clean Water

Together we can
Save Lives
with clean water

Broken Pumps = Dirty Water

Four out of ten wells with inferior parts are broken!

Let's Rescue 500 Villages in the Next 3 Months

Smart Pumps Installed
Pump Hours Recorded
Gallons Delivered

Saving Lives Today, Tomorrow, and Forever

The Problem:

  • 4 out of 10 wells in southeast Africa are broken at any one time.
  • Millions of people that once had access to clean water are now drinking dirty water due to broken pumps.
  • Women and girls walk long distances to collect dirty water when pumps are broken.
  • Dirty water causes illnesses and death everyday.

The Product:

  • A SMARTPump™ by DOXA corrects four major points of failure in African hand pumps.
  • A DOXAlink monitor provides proof that clean water is being delivered.
  • We combine your donation of any amount to install a SMARTPump™ with a DOXAlink monitor.

The Results:

  • Each SMARTPump™ provides clean water and 98% efficiency for nearly 1000 people.
  • You can see the results of your donation through our DOXA app after the project is complete.
  • After installing a SMARTPump™, we hold a Celebration Event where hundreds of people hear an accurate, compassionate presentation of the gospel.
  • After installation, we train community leaders to maintain their well, preventing future failures.
"Diarrhea was our constant friend.
He'd never leave.
Now he's gone forever."
~ Chief Banda
From a June 2020 interview after one year of SMARTPump™ use in the chief's village.

This year you can experience the joy of being part of a team that will reach 1.8 million people with Jesus and clean water.

Will you help us repair 500 wells in the next three months in southeast Asia?

Typical hand pumps have four major points of failure. The SMARTPump™ by DOXA corrects all four… and adds a reliable satellite reporting monitor for accountability and sustainability.