Our Work

Integrated project management from our US and Malawi offices ensures that the work of DOXA Wells is professional, timely, and customer focused. 

Borehole failure or poor performance after construction can often be attributed to a lack of professionalism in the drilling sector and can be compounded by how drillers engage with agencies and individuals. DOXA believes that to provide a good water supply service every water well drilled and every pump installed must be approached professionally. In addition, the data obtained from siting and drilling each project should be collected and used to improve understanding of groundwater resources and sustainability.  

DOXA Wells is creating reliability and sustainability with innovations in hardware, software, and services. Recent upgrades to the traditional Afridev pump have improved reliability and provided opportunities to train villagers in the maintenance and repair of their well pumps. DOXA’s innovations – the DOXA SMARTPump™ system which includes DOXALink™, a satellite monitoring system for multiple solutions, along with a new handle and foot valve assembly –  are all designed with sustainable development goals in mind for the end user as demonstrated in the DOXA App™. To this end, we provide the App, GPS coordinates, and training after drilling for easy identification and maintenance purposes. 

As a part of the larger solution to sustainable water and hygiene solution, we also offer training to the community in sanitation and environmental management. These WASH Programs are essential to the success of the village and community, allowing for sustainable solutions. We also train the community on borehole maintenance and provide access to our company offices in Malawi for equipment replacement or repairs.