Why Give Water?

Dirty water affects millions of people in southeast Africa.

1 out of 3 people in Malawi lack access to clean water.

Children miss school from water-borne diseases.

People are walking long distances to retrieve dirty water.

Clean water provides hope!

"Diarrhea was our constant friend. He'd never leave. Now he's gone forever."

From a June 2020 interview, after one year of SMARTPump™ use in the chief’s village.

Making clean water accessible

Installing SMARTPumps™ with long-lasting parts.

Adding a DOXALink™ monitor that provides proof that clean water is delivered.

Dispatching teams for maintenance or repair.

Well repairs are essential for good health, hygiene, and education.

Your contribution makes an impact!

A gift of ANY size helps...

Pay Wages
Transport Repair Team
Replace Worn Out Parts
Fund a Smart Device

Delivering clean water in Southeast Africa

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