About Us

DOXA aspires to be a partner in providing essential, equitable access to clean water. DOXA means “Glory” in Greek. This reflects our company’s desire to bring glory to God through our actions, communications, and operations. 

Our mission is “To provide quality water solutions by the drilling and installation of wells, to research and produce improved technologies, and to deliver prompt, affordable, honest, and courteous service to communities in supplying quality water.”

With a vision to maintain a high level of quality, efficiency, development, and service, DOXA has adopted a core set of values that include: 

  • Ethics — “Do the right thing.”
  • Excellence — “Go the extra mile.”
  • Extraordinary — “Be better and get better.” 

DOXA Wells is well-placed to assist in resolving problems in the developing world. Through application of modern drilling techniques, our company believes that an integrated technical and socio-economic development can be achieved and sustained. Such developments include a wide range of engineering and technical activities related to becoming part of effective economic growth with acceptable philosophical and cultural dimensions. DOXA Wells is backed by personnel with extensive and practical development experience.   

Our firm also recognizes that understanding local cultures, physical and technical environments, and the related issues and problems of development is essential to ensure project success. DOXA Wells understands and respects the different philosophies and socio-economic systems that provide the basis for policy guidance and formulation of good drilling practices.